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HYDRA onion

It is a common knowledge that network does not have certain localization, it is dispersed though many servers that are maintained by enthusiast who enjoy all benefits of Darknet and willing to help others (usually for a price). So if you are looking to test “onion” network yourself and access Hydra, all you need to do is download Tor browser software and make relevant search query. At this point all your internet traffic monitoring by your provider is ceased and the rest of the process will go automatically. Tor server #1 which you just connected start to establish connection to Tor server #2, then to Tor server #3. That is how you will access Hydra through 3 different servers located randomly in the world, which makes tracking your location nearly impossible! In order to start right now you need follow these steps: • download Tor browser from official web-site; • open archive and launch exe-file there; • choose a folder to install; • wait until installation is finished; • open browser and make a search query: "Hydra web-site". Tor browser interface is similar to any relevant browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome. The only difference here is broader loading interval, but that’s the price we pay to use multiple redirections. Further Hydra procedures. So when official web page of Hydra is finally open you need to settle couple of things. First of all – you need to complete registration. Follow the steps: • click on the related button at the top right corner of the page; • make up a nickname (and if it is already taken hydra will provide similar options); • fill in "Log In" and "Password" (recommend to text them into a separate document, save it and store in your browser); • confirm the provided data from your end; • read terms and conditions (you can just scroll it down); • start using service. When registration is complete you will be able to browse available assortment, read reviews and get notification from Hydra. However, you need to top up your balance before you make any purchase. For that you have to: • get a “fiat” at online exchanger (fiat stands for money remittance value stored online that has direct relation to your bank account, do not confuse with Italian auto brand); • then you exchange fiat to cryptocurrency (in accordance with current rates) • and transfer amount to your personal e-wallet ID on Hydra onion. When transaction is complete, you can do the most exciting thing – purchase exclusive products! Nobody will stop you and thanks to darknet a brand new opportunities will be open for you, even those that you had no idea of! Frequently asked questions. Many users still face problems on their way to Hydra web-site, despite tips and detailed instructions provided above. Especially for such cases, we prepared answers for the most frequently asked questions. Can I be prosecuted and face law enforcement for using Hydra Onion? No. Visiting online e-shop (even illegal) is not a felony or a crime, thus there is no legal ground for prosecution. You will be prosecuted and charged in the court of law only if you will get caught taking your stash and authorities will confirm that you are related to distribution of illegal substances.